Geminid, The Most Amazing Meteor Shower of the Year, To Happen Soon

Guys, it’s that time of the year again! The night sky will light up with meteors. Yup, you guess that right, we’ll see the Geminid meteor shower again. This year, the meteor shower will last from the 4th of December to the 17th of December.

The peak moments will be on the night of the 13th of December to the 14th when about 150 meteors per hour will be seen from a precise location. In case you don’t know, the Geminids are produced when Earth is moving through a stream of debris, which was leftover from the asteroid 3200 Phaethon.

The most amazing meteor shower of the year

We can see the meteors every night, but the meteor showers increase our chances with a lot. This is also the case of the Geminids, which produce more than 100 meteors an hour in the ideal conditions. It’s also the case with the other most fantastic shower of the year, the Perseids, which take place every August.

Meteors are those small particles of dust or tiny rocky debris, which are leftover from some passing comets or even asteroids. They burn up in the atmosphere, and then they cause a streak of light among stars. Those that reach the ground are meteorites, and those that remain as debris in the space are meteoroids.

How can you see the meteor shower?

If you want to see the peak moments, you will encounter one problem: there will be an almost full moon. As you know, meteor showers are called after their radiant point, or after the constellations where they come from.

Here is the constellation of Gemini, and that’s where the moon will lie in the peak night. But we also have good news: you won’t have to look precisely at Gemini to catch the meteors, even if the full moon means that only the brightest will be visible.

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