Glowy, Full of Life Hole Discovered on the Floridian Ocean Floor

Researchers are now gathering in hordes to the Gulf Coast of Florida to look at an unexplainable and extremely large (425-feet-deep) blue hole that has somehow formed on the ocean floor. This mystery hole that even glows is around 155 feet below the surface of the water and it is a lot like the sinkholes that can be found on solid land. This information was made public by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The site where the hole is has been dubbed the “Green Banana” and it is a really trendy topic among oceanographers and deep-sea explorers who have been hoping to take a look at the amazing phenomenon from a respectable distance.

First Sights

There is, however, one thing that surprises even us. The very first reports of the glowy blue hole did not come from scientists or researchers, but rather from recreational divers and fishermen. Usually, holes such as this host a wide array of life, such as corals, sharks, sea turtles, mollusk and sponges. That is an entire biological community.

Scientists affiliated with the NOAA have already managed to collect 17 different samples of water from the site that surrounds the hole. Together with the samples of water, the scientists have also taken four samples of sediment.

Research of the Hole

In their research, scientists have also uncovered two dead, but remarkably intact smalltooth sawfish. This is an endangered species of fish. It was found, according to the researchers themselves, at the bottom of the hole. One of the animals was recovered, so it could be examined further.

Scientists affiliated with the NOAA are also currently planning to go on another mission. This is going to inspect a second, much deeper area of the hole. The second mission will take place in August and it will consist of a team of scientists from the Mote Marine Laboratory.

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