Great News for Skygazers — Venus and Saturn Will Be Close to Each Other on December 28th

Let’s close this year with a delightful skywatch on the next weekend. If you are curious to see two beautiful planets getting near to each other, now is the time. On December 28th, Venus and Saturn will appear in the night sky very close to one another. This phenomenon happened on December 10 and December 11. If you want to see for free the two planets, you can do it at the Klamath County Museum.

This fantastic event will show the bright Venus in its glory, at a magnitude of -4.0. Saturn, on the other side, will be at a magnitude of 0.5. Take note that the two planets will not be close enough in real life, even if they seem so. If you want to see them more clearly and professionally, go to the Klamath Country Museum, where large telescopes will be up for you in the parking lot for free. The Museum is offering the viewing for free between 5 to 6 P.M.

Venus and Saturn Are Getting Close to Each Other

Moreover, it is essential to explain what is happening in the sky. Even we say that the planets will be near to each other, in reality, three worlds and an asteroid are separating them. The idea is that Saturn and Venus are only sharing the same ascension; that’s the reason they are looking so close.

This right ascension is measured in longitude and latitude, which means units of time. So, when it comes to Venus and Saturn, the correct rise has a value of nineteen hours, twenty-one minutes, and ten seconds. To sum up, this is the perfect time for skywatchers, fans, and curious people to watch the sky at the final of the year. Bring your camera if you don’t have a telescope, or try to find one for a better view.

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