Historic NASA Mission Today: SpaceX Gets Astronauts Out Of The ’70s

Over the past six decades, there have been hundreds of humans who have been launched into space.

But today will be a historical day because when the NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken blast off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral in a SpaceX Crew Dragon, they’ll be the first ones to leave Earth in a truly modern vehicle and this is something.

They are set to ride the Dragon for what NASA is calling its Demo-2 mission – this is the very first crewed flight to space abroad a commercial spacecraft in history. It’s also essential to note that this is the very first from the US soil since the end of the Space Shuttle program back in 2011, according to the latest data coming from CNET.

There’s also another massive achievement that we should mention – astronauts are finally flying in type after a 40-year gap in tech, according to the same online publication.

For four decades, we’ve been strapping some of the most important individuals of our species into vehicles designed in the ’70s and sending them to space. This is about to change at last!

Now, finally, for the very first time in almost two generations, the astronauts will leave our planet in a new vehicle with modern systems.

“We’re living the dream!”

CNET revealed that Behnken and Hurley have worked with SpaceX over the past half-decade – they helped develop the interface that they would use to manually pilot Crew Dragon.

They will meet with the International Space Station later this week.

“On their touchscreen displays, they have a software interface where they will be able to control the roll, the pitch, the yaw,” according to Zebulon Scoville, Demo-2’s lead flight director.

“It’s something we maybe dreamed about when we were new [astronaut candidates] — flying something other than the space shuttle,” Behnken said.

He continued and said: “It did not seem likely at the time when we arrived at the astronaut office … so I think we’re living the dream.”

You can watch this historic moment here.

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