“Hot Jupiter” Destruction: Astronomers Spy On A Strange Hellish Planet

Experts have been spying on a gas giant planet that’s orbiting really close to its star that it might be consumed by it in the next ten years.

Astronomers have been watching a planet that orbits its star closely and quickly, and now they are wondering if it could be spiraling towards the imminent destruction.

The exoplanet NGTS-10b is what’s called a “hot Jupiter,” – this is a gas giant that orbits very close-in to its star.

A hellish world 1,000 light-years away 

This hellish world is about 1,000 light-years away, and it makes one trip around its sun in less than 18 hours, according to the latest reports coming from CNET.

In other words, a year there is shorter compared to a day here on Earth.

It’s been revealed that this is the shortest orbital period that’s been ever seen for a hot Jupiter and it’s due to the fact that it circles at a distance that’s only twice the diameter of the star.

The same online publication revealed that a study that is detailing the strange world was published during the course of this week in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

“Although in theory, hot Jupiters with short orbital periods (less than 24 hours) are the easiest to detect due to their large size and frequent transits, they have proven to be extremely rare,” according to author James McCormac, who addressed the subject in a recent release.

The hot Jupiter could be destroyed over the next decade 

He continued and said, “Of the hundreds of hot Jupiters currently known, there are only seven that have an orbital period of less than one day.”

It’s been also reported that the planet orbits its star so closely that it could be near the point where the forces from this star will tear it apart.

So, the planet is in its last stages of life, and it could be destroyed over the next decade.

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