How Dangerous is 2020 GF-1, Which Will Intersect Earth’s Orbit?

NASA has detected a near-Earth asteroid that is expected to approach the Earth tomorrow. The data which NASA has on the asteroid shows that the space rock will intersect Earth’s path.

As per CNEOS – NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, the asteroid is called 2020 GF-1. The space agency has estimated that the asteroid has a diameter of about 112 feet. Right now, it is traveling across the Solar System at a fantastic speed of almost 14.000 miles per hour.

2020 GF-1 is actually an Apollo asteroid, and that means that it follows an orbit that crosses Earth’s path around the Sun. NASA has noted that most of the time, the asteroid simply flies between Mars and Earth. Because of its natural orbit, 2020 GF-1 could hit Earth, should its trajectory change. But if it does hit our planet, the damage would not be that impactful. Given its speed and size, it will probably burn up and explode at about 50.000 feet. But even if it does explode in mid-air, that does not mean that it’s completely harmless. It would not hit the ground, but it could hit some buildings.

Because of its size, the energy released by the mid-air explosion of the asteroid could actually be equal to multiple atomic bombs. And most of the energy from the explosion will simply dissolve in the atmosphere. But even if a small percentage of the energy from the blast will be directed to Earth, there could still be some damage. It really depends on the airburst and its altitude. The explosion can destroy a lot of buildings. And injure thousands of people. All without the asteroid actually hitting our planet.

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