Huge Asteroid 3,000 Times Bigger Than The “Dinosaur-Killer” Might Have Triggered Life On Earth

It’s been just reported that an asteroid which was 3,000 times bigger than the space rock which led to the extinction of dinosaurs hit another space rock about 470 million years ago and it may have led to an increase in new species. revealed the info, and they mentioned the fact that this comes from a study that has been published in Science Advances’, led by Birger Schmitz of Lund University in Sweden.

Dust triggered an ice age on our planet 

It’s been revealed that the study mentioned above suggested that a distant asteroid collision produced a lot of dust, and this was just enough to trigger an ice age on Earth.

This reportedly happened approximately 470 million years ago.

It’s been also revealed that the period is known as GOBE (the great Ordovician biodiversification event). Back then, there was a significant increase in biodiversity, and, according to the latest reports, especially in marine life.

The enormous asteroid reportedly hit another space rock beyond Mars’ orbit, and this produced a vast amount of dust which cooled our planet.

Birger Schmitz, the header of the study, told The Observe the following: “We know about the 10km asteroid that crashed on Earth 67 million years ago and killed off the dinosaurs, but this event was very different.”

He continued and explained that “It occurred about 470 million years ago when an asteroid 3,000 times bigger than the dinosaur-killer was destroyed during a collision with another asteroid beyond the orbit of Mars.

“It filled the solar system with dust and caused a major dimming of sunlight falling on Earth,” he said.

It’s been also reported that the consequences included cooling and biodiversification.

In other news, it’s been reported a few days ago that a lot of news outlets were revealing that an asteroid that was rushing through space at a speed of about 48,000mph will reach Earth’s area on October 10, according to NASA.

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