Human Body Will Move After Death, A New Study Concluded

A team of Australian researchers has published a new paper which mentions that human bodies will continue to move for up to one year after death. The latest data could alter how post-mortem investigations will take place in the future.

A team from the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (also known as after in some circles) conducted the study. Advanced time-lapse cameras were used to record pictures of a corpse. New images were recorded every 30 minutes during the day over 17 months. During the study, the scientists observed that the arms continued to move. While they were situated near the lower part of the body at the start, the arms moved up to the side of the body.

Movements during the early stages of decomposition were anticipated, but the intensity was quite remarkable. It is already thought that new information could be quite important when it comes to crime scene investigations. In the past, it was believed that the position of a body when it was found was also the final potion during the time of death unless evidence inferred that the body was moved intentionally.

The Human Body Will Move After Death

The movements have been linked to the process of decomposition as the body will begin to mummify, and ligaments will be rigid. Researchers employed the Megyesi et all entire body score system to track the level of decomposition.

At first, the decomposition process took place at an accelerated rate, reaching a more steady rate after approximately 1004 hours PMI, accompanied by a TBS with a value of 2004. Hundreds of images were split into individual categories based on specific periods which were relevant for the research.

In this case, the results of the paper infer that the TBS model can accurately estimate the PMI. Additional data were also recorded. The results were published in a scientific study.

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