Humans Have A Higher Change Of Going Extinct In 2020 Than Being Struck By Lightning

It’s been just revealed that humans have a much higher risk of going extinct next year than a person has to get struck by lightning, according to the latest reports.

The probability to die from natural causes is 1 in 14k

According to researchers’ studies, it looks like the probability that we die off from natural causes in any given year is 1 in 14,000.

Daily Mail reports that the team of experts also noted that this risk increased when man-made threats are added to the whole mix, and this definitely includes climate change and nuclear weapons.

The study about human extinction has been conducted by the experts at the University of Oxford who planned to determine the complete probability of human extinction due to natural causes, and these include super volcanic eruptions and asteroid impacts.

The online pubcalition mentioned above notes that the experts analyzed the human’s 200k year reign on this planet in order to find out the probability that our species has to disappear from Earth.

The DailyMail cites the info from The Sun and reports that “This calculation means that humans have a better chance of becoming extinct that an individual has of being struck by lightning (1 in 700,000), being attacked by a shark (1 in 650,000) or event dating a supermodel (1 in 880,000).”

99% species are extinct 

“Out of all species that have existed, over 99% are now extinct,” according to experts.

They continued and wrote in their paper: “Although human activity is dramatically increasing extinction rates for many species, species extinctions were regular occurrences long before humanity emerged.”

They also noted that “Many of these extinctions were caused by gradual environmental shifts, evolutionary arms races, or local interspecific competition.”

According to researchers studies, it seems that other extinctions were abrupt, and they were basically a part of global mass extinctions that were triggered by “asteroid impacts, volcanism, or causes as of yet to be identified.”

We recommend that you head over to The Sun’s original article in order to find out more details.

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