Hyperloop, An Ultra Rapid Transport System Could Soon Be A Normality

​Elon Musk’s brains are tirelessly working to find new ways to develop the most advanced technologies this world has yet to see. Recently, Mr. Musk revealed a new concept for the future of mass transportation.

The billionaire entrepreneur came up with Hyperloop, which intends to merge air and rail transportation to offer rapid, comfortable, and effective transport. The futuristic transport network could be put to use in about 20 years, and it would dramatically cut travel times with speeds of 700 miles per hour.

Daniel Carbonell, technical director of HYP-ED, a student team based at the University of Edinburgh, revealed new details regarding the idea during a talk at New Scientist Live. He and his team are devoted to making the Hyperloop idea a reality, and together they created the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Even though this concept has a long way until it becomes a reality, HYP-ED continues to develop its proposal, while searching for solutions that could be implemented in other countries.

The Technology Of The Future Is Closer Than We Imagined

The team has created the United Kingdom’s first three prototype pods for the international competition taking place in California. The competition is hosted by SpaceX. The concept will showcase advanced technology such as contactless magnetic levitation, propulsion, and carbon fiber pressurized vessels.

Elon Musk first introduced the Hyperloop idea in 2013.

Mr. Carbonell said that “taking a ride with a Hyperloop pod instead of an existing train could enable somebody to work 400 miles away and reach their destination faster than a location 40 miles away.”

He explained that Hyperloop technology could undoubtedly be incorporated into current systems such as the London Underground network to accelerate their functionality. The technology doesn’t come cheap, though. The price could even go up to more than $100 billion.

Mr. Carbonell added that “it would pay for itself much faster than other modes of transport since the high speeds of Hyperloop gives it the capability of having multiple pods leave a station every minute.”

Traveling “Faster Than The Wind” Could Soon Become A Reality

The ingenious developer hopes that we could see the implementation of the new method of travel in the UK by 2040, but it definitely depends on how open people are to new technology. There are already a few companies in the world working on the concept and trying to create routes for passenger travel.

Perhaps we will see a hyperloop within the next decade.

Mr. Carbonell mentioned the technology is ready to be applied today. Virgin Hyperloop One is, for instance, one of the developers currently working on a route in India, between Mumbai and Pune.

The cost of travel is also unclear, as the price of a ticket will be entirely up to the providers and will most definitely depend on the location.

Mr. Carbonell also added that it is rather difficult to estimate this fact before a route has even been established. Similar to other means of transport, as the technology advances, the cost will drop and ultimately cost the same as a long-range train ticket or short-haul flight.

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