Infants’ Sleep Problems Tied with Mothers’ Wellbeing During Pregnancy

A recent study started by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute states that mothers’ poor physical and mental health during pregnancy triggers the infants’ sleep difficulties in the first year of life.

It’s natural for babies to have mild or fluctuating problems in regulating sleep, as reported by 60% of mothers. But for some mothers, to have a quiet night is pure joy.

The study outlines that there is a strong correlation between the sleep issues of the baby and a mother that went through physical and mental challenges during pregnancy. And it has nothing to do with the parenting style most of the time.

Dr Fallon Cook, who lead the study, states:

‘These mothers were more likely to have poorer mental and physical health during pregnancy in comparison to mothers of infants with no sleep problems’

A Hint of What the Future Holds

For the first time, it was determined this specific criteria amongst mothers that predicts whether they will have resting nights or white nights along with their newborns.

This is a very useful life hack for mothers in order to know what to avoid. The persistent sleep-disturbances in the infant sleep can make the parents feel drained of powers, anxious, depressed. They often blame themselves or worry the food, sleep schedule and other factors have the main culprit for that.

“Our findings suggest some infants may be predisposed to have sleep problems, despite parent’s best efforts to help their infant sleep better,” she says.

It is crucial for mothers to receive help and support during pregnancy. Many studies have shown the causal relation between the mother happiness and well-being and the healthy development of the baby. Furthermore, the mothers with poor mental and physical health should benefit of extra support after giving birth. The parents can call their GP or a child nurse if they feel overwhelmed, as well as asking help from the family, friends or local parenting groups.

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