Interstellar Comet Flies Past The Sun

Astronomers found something in the universe that at a first glance seemed like one of kind and this definitely triggered massive excitement and attention. It’s comet 2I/Borisov.

This is a mysterious visitor from space and it’s the very first identified comet to arrive here from another star, as noted by SciTechDaily.

Sun’s gravity deflects the comet’s trajectory 

It’s not known where the comet comes from or when it started heading towards our Sun, but it’s important to note that it will not be hanging around here for too long.

It’s been reported that the gravity of the Sun is deflecting its trajectory but it cannot capture it because of the shape that the orbit has and the high velocity which is about 100k MPH.

Telescopes from all over the world have been watching this comet passing by, but NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope offers us the sharpest views as the comet approached.

Since back in October, the space telescope has been following this celestial object and Hubble revealed that “the heart of the comet, a loose agglomeration of ices and dust particles, is likely no more than about 3,200 feet across, about the length of nine football fields,” as the online publication mentioned above puts it.

This comet is the first one of its kind 

This comet is reportedly the first one of its kind but there are definitely others like this out there. You can see the images that the telescope managed to get above.

Back in November 16, the comet is in front of a distant background spiral galaxy and on December 9, the comet went past our Sun where is received the maximum amount of heat after it spent most of its life in the cold interstellar space.

“Hubble gives us the best upper limit of the size of comet Borisov’s nucleus, which is the really important part of the comet,” according to David Jewitt, UCLA professor of planetary science and astronomy.

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