Interstellar Comet Races Towards Us – Amazing Image, Revealed

This mysterious object has been spotted back in August. It was shooting through the Solar System on a strange, hyperbolic trajectory, and it was implying that whatever this was, it was definitely not from around here.

More in-depth analysis confirms that this visitor is from deep space, and it’s called 2I/Borisov.

Science Alert notes that this was only the second interstellar object ever detected in our Solar System. It’s also worth noting the fact that it is the first comet. The best thing is that astronomers managed to get a brand-new close-up of it.

A team of astronomers from Yale University captured an amazing image of 2I/Borisov on Sunday. The experts used the W.M. Keck Observatory’s Low-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer in Hawaii.

The white shroud that’s surrounding the icy comet coming closer to our beloved planet is called a coma. This is a large cloud of gas and dust that’s drifting into space as the object’s icy nucleus sublimates in the heat of the starlight.

2I/Borisov. (Pieter van Dokkum, Cheng-Han Hsieh, Shany Danieli, Gregory Laughlin)

The comet’s tail is 100,000 miles long 

This comet that we mentioned above has a lot of this outgassed matter trailing behind it in a gorgeous tail that is currently measuring about 100k miles long.

Just to understand how huge it is, think of it this way: it’s more than a dozen Earth diameters in a row.

“It’s humbling to realize how small Earth is next to this visitor from another solar system,” according to one of the Yale team, Pieter van Dokkum.

In other space-related news, we were reporting just the other day the info revealed by a Forbes article about a black hole-world.

The website mentions that even though this seems like a scenery from a sci-fi movie, there’s brand new research that found out that such a black-hole world could actually exist.

Check out our previous article in order to learn more about this.

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