Is “Planet 9” Actually a Black Hole?

There’s this new paper that was published by Durham University and the University of Illinois which talks about what scientists previously thought to be an invisible planet, found at the edge of our Solar System. Well, it is, in fact, a black hole. Astronomers said that this explanation shows the phenomena that’s taking place there to be crystal clear now.

Researchers said that they were concerned about the new findings, due to the fact that the outer reaches of our Solar system shows a weird gravitational orbit. Then, OGLE, which stands for Poland’s Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment, caught some gravitational anomalies. Because something was not normal there, researchers thought there was a Primordial Black Hole, and not “Planet 9”, as they previously thought. They believe that this black hole is ancient, created just seconds after the Big Bang. They also believe that the solar system somehow caught it.

The idea of a black hole existing on the edge of the Solar System raises many questions. The obvious one is whether the Earth and all the other planet will be caught by this black hole one day. Scientists then explained that, if the black hole theory is actually correct, and it is placed in the same area in which Planet 9 was thought to be, then that means we are 56 billion miles away from Earth. That’s actually less than a single light-year. It’s very close if we are to take into account the astronomical terms.

Professor Scholtz explained that, for a normal black hole, you need to have at least one solar mass, due to the fact that it was created out of a star. The original black holes can be much lighter – they can have the mass of Earth, or they can be even lighter than that. If this is true, the black hole is too small, and not big enough to eat us all.

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