Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Left Ryugu Asteroid

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft has just begun its journey back to Earth, and it carries samples of the asteroid on board.

Hayabusa2 is on its way back home 

The spacecraft has already sent rovers and landers to the surface, and it also managed to fire a bullet at it, blasting a hole in the space rock. Hayabusa2 is now on its way back home.

CNET revealed that today, JAXA, Japan’s space agency, revealed on Twitter that the spacecraft left the space rock, and it’s returning home, after staying there since the mid-2018.

You can check out the tweet below:

“We are finally leaving Ryugu! Departure is today (November 13) at 10:05 JST (onboard time). The RCS thrusters (chemical engines) are scheduled to begin moving us away from Ryugu at about 10cm/s.”

People on social media congratulated the space agency and everyone involved.

Somoene said: “#SAYONARA_Ryugu ! Perfect complex mission. I hope it will re-enter safely,@haya2e_jaxa teams deserve it. Congratulations!”

Another follower wrote: “Fantastic mission. I watched its daring with much interest. Well done JAXA!”

It’s important to note that Hayabusa2 is not leaving with empty hands. The spacecraft managed to touch down on the asteroid and it collected samples to bring back to Earth.

CNET reminds is users that JAXA sent the spacecraft on this great journey back in 2014.

The agency is also planning for Hayabusa2 to drop the sample capsule into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is set to happen in 2020 and the spacecraft will be performing an escape maneuver to stay in operation place.

NASA detects thermonuclear blast in deep space 

Regarding the US’ moves, it’s been just revealed that NASA experts have just detected something unexpected in space. The space agency has discovered a huge thermonuclear explosion that came from outer space.

The explosion might have been a pulsar and you can read more in our previous article.

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