Jupiter and Saturn’s Original Locations Unveiled: New Study Emerges

where jupiter and saturn were born

A new study sheds light on the original locations of Saturn and Jupiter. The findings are truly astonishing and revolutionary and refine our understanding of the forces that made up our Solar System’s odd architecture.

In the beginning, the Sun was close to a whirling disc of dust and gas from which the planets were actually born. The orbits of the first planets were previously believed to be initially close-packed and, somehow, circular.

The new study, however, brings us more information. Here is what you need to know.

Jupiter and Saturn’s Birthplaces Under Investigation

A team of scientists led by Carnegie’s Matt Clement, John Chambers, Nathan Kaib of the University of Oklahoma, Sean Raymond of the University of Bordeaux, and their colleagues, developed 6,000 simulations of our Solar System’s evolution. They unveiled an incredible detail about Jupiter and Saturn’s initial relationship.

According to previous researches, Jupiter was believed to orbit the Sun in its infancy three times for every two orbits that Saturn has done. Such a thing, however, can’t explain the configuration of the massive planets we see nowadays.

The team’s work

The team’s models presented a ratio of two Jupiter orbits to one Saturnian rotation, more steadily generated results that resemble our planetary architecture. Such a thing shows that while our Solar System is quite peculiar, it wasn’t always like this.

Clement released a statement. He said:

“[…], now that we’ve established the effectiveness of this model, we can use it to help us look at the formation of the terrestrial planets, […], and to perhaps inform our ability to look for similar systems elsewhere…”

The team’s findings also showed that Neptune and Uranus’s positions were made by the mass of the Kuiper belt and by a massive cold planet that was kicked out in the Solar System’s infancy. More research is still needed.

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