Lab-Made Sonic Black Hole Marks Confirmation Of Stephen Hawking’s Predictions

Black holes are extreme objects where gravity is so intense that there’s nothing that can escape them, not even light. In order to explain these entities, science made use of the most advanced theories such as general relativity and quantum mechanics.

As you probably already know, Stephen Hawking was one of the many reports all over the world who tried to explain the complexity of these entities.

One of the most important contributions in this field of research was the Hawking radiation as reported by the online publication IFL Science.

Black holes emit particles and take away a bit of energy from the object 

This is suggesting the fact that the black holes are emitting particles and taking away a bit of energy from the object.

Such knowledge suggests that black holes are not really black because particles escape from them. Hawking also said that the radiation would be thermal and the temperature would depend on the size of the object.

In order to test this theory, experts created an analogous testing ground since real black holes cannot be built in a lab these days.

A while ago, experts used water and waves in order to create fake black holes. Also, there a sonic black hole that’s been good to test the Hawking theory.

According to the same online publication, back in 2016, Professor Jeff Steinhauer from the Israel Institute of Technology constructed an acoustic black hole.

“This is a “trap” where sound waves have to move faster than the speed of sound to escape – a pretty good analogy for a black hole,” according to IFL Science.

Improving the original setup

Steinhauer and colleagues managed to improve on the original setup of three years ago to test Hawking’s predictions in new ways.

The team was able to reduce the noise coming from the magnetic field and enhanced the thermal and mechanical stability. Also, better optics were made to study the system.

The study was published in the journal Nature and you should check out all the details.

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