Lava Flows or Mud Eruptions? The Martial Soil Is Full of Surprises

Mars is currently one of the most intriguing subjects as far as the space wonders are concerned. As days go by, more and more updates are published on the Internet. The primary concern for NASA and ESA is to send as many missions to the Red Planet, aiming to provide impressive details regarding its thrilling ecosystem. Even though ESA is planning on launching a spacecraft by the end of 2022, the scientists have already gained enough information to analyze the planet’s climate and geological composition.

An incredible discovery is currently assessed by the researchers, who are amazed by the lava flows discovered on Mars’ surface. Images of these structures were captured, and their structure shows that the lava flows originally appeared a while ago, given the fact that the lava has managed to reach cooling temperatures. However, an international team of researches has approached a differential analysis for this yet inexplicable phenomenon.

The paper was originally published on Nature Geoscience, stating that the lava erupting out of the land is nothing else than mud. As strange as it may seem, the researchers explained that they consider these large outflow channels as the result of a catastrophic flood. A rapid rise of the water levels was then responsible for triggering an aggressive volcanic reaction. However, the final product is not fully composed of extremely hot magma. Ultimately, it is a mix of ground particles and water that managed to reach the surface of the Red Planet violently.

The difference between flowing mud on Earth and Mars is the fact that the Martian atmosphere and its freezing cold temperatures create a set of unique factors. This discovery is even more thrilling since the scientists believe that these cryovolcanic extrusions are yet to be discovered in other parts of the Solar System.

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