Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Hit London, Ontario, Causing Six Hospitalizations So Far

Doctors can’t seem to figure out what could have caused a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that sickened six people in London, Ontario, in Canada. The six adults were hospitalized due to terrible illness, including fever, pneumonia, and headaches. Fortunately, all of them have recovered and were released from the hospital, but doctors are still stunned since they didn’t get any relevant answers about what caused the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak.

Doctors admit they may never find the cause of the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak

Alex Summers, associate medical officer of health, said: “It takes us a while to get appropriate environmental samples collected and tested and then linked to any specific case.”

He added that “it’s just one of those types of diseases where every once in a while you get an outbreak or a cluster like this, you investigate it, you think you have some things, you try and intervene, and eventually, it just goes away, and you may never definitively know.”

The six infected patients were not attending the same environment

A much weirder part is that the six infected adults are not from a single address or building and did not all attend the same community event, said the same Summers.

“These are a series of cases all of whom appear to live, work or play within a small geographic area,” Summers said. “There is likely some type of source in the broader environment that exposed people if that is what is going on here, but that is just the hypothesis of the investigation at this point.”

What is Legionnaires’ disease?

Well, it’s definitely not something you would ask Santa Klaus for Christmas. If you have a weakened immune system, it can act pretty messy on your body. The disease is caused by legionella bacterium, a germ that exists in the environment and thrives in wet places. It’s enough to drink or inhale water containing the bacteria to get the “present” for yourself.

Only last year, Ontario had not less than 332 confirmed cases of legionellosis (Legionnaires’ disease). Let’s just hope that those were the last since nothing is more precious in life than healthfulness.

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