Less-known Space Phenomenon Kills Galaxies – A Canadian Project Might Reveal How

In the distant region of the Universe, a less-known space phenomenon kills galaxies, shutting down star formation processes. At the moment, scientists don’t know why that happens, but they have some theories. However, that might change thanks to the Virgo Environment Traced in Carbon Monoxide survey (VERTICO), a Canadian project.

As we speak, VERTICO is closely observing distant galaxies to see why the galaxies are being killed and what’s the phenomenon behind that. “I lead a team of 30 experts that are using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) to map the molecular hydrogen gas, the fuel from which new stars are made, at high resolution across 51 galaxies in our nearest galaxy cluster, called the Virgo Cluster,” said Toby Brown, VERTICO’s leading investigator.

The way the galaxies interact with each other influence the star formation processes. However, until now, scientists have no clue how the environment of the galaxies influences the start and shut down of star formation.

Canadian Project VERTICO Might Reveal What Space Phenomenon Kills Galaxies In Deep Universe

Galaxies inside galactic clusters, due to intergalactic plasma, might lose their gas in something that the scientists called ram pressure stripping. Without the fuel for new stars to form, the galaxies die. On the other hand, hight temperature inside galactic clusters influences how the gas cools down and condenses. In the latter case, the gas is gradually consumed during star formation processes. That leads to the gradual death of the galaxies.

Both of the before-mentioned space phenomena leave some detectable traces within the affected galaxies. Accordingly, scientists can quickly spot such events. In the deep Universe, however, there appears to be an unknown space phenomenon that kills galaxies.

ALMA and VERTICO are now looking deep into the Virgo Cluster, a nearby galactic cluster, and exploring about 50 galaxies. The Canadian project tries to understand the exact mechanisms of the actual space phenomenon that kills galaxies by shutting down their star formation processes.

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