Lethal Threat: Climate Change And Melting Glaciers Could Release Ancient Never-Before-Seen Killers

Climate change is causing a lot of damage to our planet, and the fact that glaciers are melting at a faster rate than ever before could also have catastrophic results.

For instance, not too long ago, we were reporting about the “doomsday glacier,” a potential bringer of tragedy for our planet.

There’s a study made by the British and American scientists, which says that there’s a massive sheet of ice that is called the “doomsday glacier.”

This is reportedly melting faster than scientists have previously believed – in other words, this could take the world closer to a potential sea-level rise of over 10 feet.

Melting glaciers, to release unknown, potential fatal viruses 

Now, the Daily Mail just revealed that unknown ancient viruses with the potential to harm us, which are up to 15,000 years old, had been discovered luring in the prehistoric ice atop the Tibetan plateau.

Experts managed to extract two lumps of ice from a glacier, and they found there a total of 33 pathogens that were frozen inside. Twenty-eight of them have never seen before by humans! It’s not known what kind of impact these would have on us humans.

According to the same online publication, global warming threatens to melt the planet’s glaciers, and this would release the viruses into the atmosphere. The world could have no immunity against them, and this could lead to disaster.

We’re in the middle of a tragedy with the whole coronavirus issue that seems to worsen with each passing day, and we definitely don’t need ancient viruses adding to the threats of this planet.

Some viruses that would be released into the atmosphere could be harmless, that’s true, but others could definitely be lethal.

We recommend that you check out the Daily Mail’s original article in order to find out more details on this serious matter.

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