Life on Mars Might Be Buried Deep Inside the Red Planet

NASA’s plan for this half of the year is already planned out. They want to launch the most advanced Mars rover so far, to explore the life on Mars. This modern space planet walker costs around 2921 dollars, and if it works out as it should, it will be able to acquire tests from the red planet and bring them back t Earth.

This expensive rover’s goal is to find life or previous proof of life on the dried-out red planet. However, the astrobiology potential explains that the life on the red planet is buried deep down in the ground.

According to, at the Mars Extant Life meeting was explained how if there is life on Mars, it will be underneath the planet’s surface. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is interested in this new idea brought to light by Vlada Stamenković, a researcher.

Scientists believe that life on Mars resides beneath the planet’s surface

“The outside of Mars is a very oxidizing, radiation-substantial condition where fluid water isn’t generally steady for an all-inclusive measure of time,” Stamenković explains. “It’s the most noticeably terrible spot to search locales on Mars forever.”

Although some of the researchers support Stamenković’s idea, to explore the Martian cavern frameworks, they will need skilled robots. And to build a robot that can explore the underground of the red planet, it will turn out to be a confusing specialized investment.

However, Stamenković is a practical person and suggests the idea of landing hardware on Mars, one that can identify groundwater and synthetics associated with credible signs of life. The sign of life should be picked up from the surface of the red planet. We might have to wait until the middle of the 2030s to find out if Stamenković’s idea makes sense or not. Why until the 2030s? Because that is when NASA wants to send astronauts to Mars.

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