Magma Catastrophe: Lava Lakes Are Drained Through Deep Cracks, Lifting Coasts

It’s been just revealed by National Geographic that about 14 million cubic feet of magma have been squeezed through some really deep cracks under an island, and this resulted in a fractured landscape and lifted coasts. This is happening in Vanuatu’s Ambrym island.

The website notes that when Yves Moussallam trekked around the volcano back in the winter of 2018 the ground was all green, and there were five incandescent lakes of molten rock that burbled in the caldera of the volcano.

The shocking thing is that two weeks later, the landscape was missing color, and there was only gray ash that coated all rocks and crevices.

The lava vanished and emptied the lakes 

The lakes were empty, and their lava vanished just like water swirling down a drain.

“It looked like everything was in black-and-white,” according to Moussallam, who is a volcanologist at Columbia University. He continued and said that “The whole caldera area had completely changed.”

This happened in the wake of a massive eruption that managed to surprise scientists with the progression that it showed.

Most of the lava moved underground. National Geographic tries to explain the quantity of the lava that moved underground and said that a slug of magma that was big enough to fill 116,000 Olympic swimming pools.

This was a kind of a “negative eruption”

It was mentioned by Scientific Reports that this whole process cracked the Earth and sent coasts soaring into the air. It also brought lava up on the ocean floor.

“It’s kind of a negative eruption, in a way,” according to volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer of the University of Cambridge.

He continued and said: “It’s not stuff coming out of the ground, it’s the magma migrating beneath the ground.”

We recommend that you head over to the original article in roder to read the rest of the info.

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