Mars Breaking News: China Plans To Find ET Life Before NASA

China has just revealed plans to send humans to Mars in order to search for ET life.

According to the latest reports coming from, it’s the very first time when state-run media has “publicly unveiled a plan for manned missions to the Red Planet”.

It’s been also revealed that the country is hoping to send Taikonauts – Chinese astronauts- to the moon first.

This will reportedly be for a test run before the big final flight.

The next step for China is a manned exploration of the moon 

In a statement that has been published by China Daily, the China Aerospace and Technology Corporation reveals the following:

“The next steps in (China’s) manned space programs will be manned exploration of the moon.”

The statement continues and explains that “(We will) set up bases on the moon to conduct scientific operations, expand a habitable place for mankind and gain experience and expertise for deep-space expeditions beyond the moon.”

The same statement added that “The long-term goal is to send humans to Mars.”

This mission’s main focus is reportdly to provide insight into the traces of life on Mars and it’s believed that it will also provide some insight into the development of life here on our beloved planet.

If everything turns out just as planned and the mission is successful, this would place China in front of NASA regarding the exploration of the Red Planet.

This huge announcement from China comes right after NASA revealed its very own plans to explore Mars’ surface with a brand new autonomous helicopter.

Curiosity shared new photos 

Speaking of Mars, the Red Planet was in the spotlight earlier when it was reported that Curiosity shared some new pics.

The rover has climbed on an eroded pediment, which is known as the Central Butte.

At this point, the rover studies the worn layers of rock, which surround the base of Mount Sharp, which offers an impressive vista as it rises from the center of the crater.

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