Mars Crewed Mission – SpaceX Is Thought To Be The First To Fly Humans To The Red Planet

Robert Zubrin is the founder of the Mars Society. He is skeptical regarding the common belief that the humans might set foot on Mars before the end of this decade. NASA is planning on landing astronauts on the Moon starting with 2024, and they focus on bringing human life on the Red Planet by the end of 2033. SpaceX, however, is much more probable to be the first to send people to Mars.

Zubrin is not confident in the advancement that has been produced to bring humanity one step closer to the Red Planet. Even though the research carried out in the outer space offers a wide range of data and influences the future expeditions of humans in the Universe, there has not been enough advancement in this sector yet.

The government’s failure in the outer space studies has determined the apparition of individual entrepreneurial space companies that are trying to thrive the same concept. One of the most famous examples is the SpaceX that has already achieved milestones that were labeled by the government as impossible outcomes that the humanity can achieve.

SpaceX Will Be The First To Fly Humans To Mars, Robert Zubrin Thinks

Therefore, the company has developed a series of technologically advanced capabilities, as well as an entrepreneurial space race. Zubrin is confident that more and more initiatives paying homage to SpaceX are going to be present on the market, especially a Chinese company and probably some other nations are going to join.

Zubrin underlines the fact that the costs of space launch have tremendously decreased and will continue doing so in the following years. Since no human has set foot on the surface of the Moon ever since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, Zubrin announced that NASA would not be the one to send the first astronauts to Mars.

In his belief, NASA has no carefully considered plan for this mission. However, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is studying this possibility, too. Rober Zubrin believes that SpaceX will be the one that is going to make the dream of sending humans to Mars come true perhaps during this decade.

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