Mars Helicopter Was Mounted On The Perseverance Rover


The final preparations for the launch of NASA’s upcoming study on Mars are currently happening at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Perseverance rover is scheduled to be released in the outer space in 14 weeks from now on. Last week, the development team managed to attach to the spacecraft the Mars Helicopter. It is the first time in history since NASA managed to send in space a power-controlled flight.

The team managed to load four fuel tanks in the descent stage, with a total mass of 884 pounds. The Perseverance rover is scheduled to reach the Mars atmosphere on the 18th of February next year. The role of the Mars helicopter is to slow down the Perseverance rover when it is situated close to the ground so that no components will be harmed during the landing.

Perseverance rover got its Mars Helicopter companion

The launch and operations manager at the Kennedy Space Center, David Gruel, is stating that the last 100 days before the spacecraft is scheduled to be launched are crucial in terms of making sure that every detail is fully working. In addition to this, fueling the descent space is another milestone, and researchers are still performing some tests to evaluate the performance of this component.

The helicopter is now attached to the Perseverance rover, and it weighs 4 pounds. On the 6th of April, the researchers managed to connect to the rover 34 electrical connections realized between the rover and the helicopter. Additionally, they tested if all the information between the two machines is delivered and reached correctly.

The Perseverance mission is to determine any signs of microbial life on the Red Planet. The spacecraft is a 2.260 pounds robot whose purpose is to offer proper insight into the martian world, which will eventually lead to future human explorations on Mars. The spacecraft will be launched in the outer space between July and August.

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