Mars Presents Weird Magnetic Pulses And Potential Underground Liquid Water, InSight Revealed

NASA’s InSight lander revealed that Mars presents weird magnetic pulses like anything else on Earth. Another discovery could indicate the presence of underground water on the Red Planet. What’s intriguing is that InSight has always recorded these mysterious magnetic strokes appear around midnight, every day.

There Might Be Underground Liquid Water On Mars

InSight lander had been exploring the magnetic field on Mars and the potential existence of the so-called marsquakes since November last year.

The recent discovery could hint to underground liquid water. InSight’s magnetometer spotted a mysterious electrically conductive layer situated at more than 60 kilometers in the underground. That’s similar to how the magnetometers on Earth reveal deep underground water on our planet.

But, in the perspective of future Mars colonies, NASA’s InSight is not capable of drilling more than 16 feet in the Martian soil. Accordingly, future colonists might never find out if there is underground liquid water on Mars that they can use for daily use.

Mars Presents Weird Magnetic Pulses

Another mystery of the Red Planet regards Mars’ weird magnetic pulses that intensify around midnight, daily. NASA’s InSight used its magnetometer to record the planet’s magnetic field modifications during day and night.

The weird magnetic pulses increase in frequency around midnight, and the strokes last for at least two hours, according to InSight’s measurements. InSight also revealed that the magnetic field of Mars is by 20 times stronger than orbital calculations previously showed.

According to a theory elaborated by scientists, there is a protrusion in the planet’s magnetosphere, which alters the surface magnetic field of Mars. That phenomenon causes weird magnetic pulses at the same time each day. That is in line to what InSight has recently recorded on the Red Planet, in the Elysium Planitia.

This discovery, along with the possibility the Mars houses underground liquid water, is just another mystery of Mars that we try to solve.

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