Marsquakes Detected On Mars By NASA’s InSight Lander – The Cause, Revealed

It’s been revealed that NASA’s InSight lander has found hundreds of marsquakes on the Red Planet, and this includes about 20 tremors that were pretty important.

Compared to the quakes that we have here on Earth,  the ones on the Red Planet were pretty “puny” as The Verge publication puts it. The new data offers experts more info on the interior of Mars.

It’s been reported that the results of the mission mentioned above were published this Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience and Nature Communications.

The lander touched down on the Red Planet via a supersonic parachute back in 2018, and it managed to detect the very first possible marsquake back in April 2019.

Mars has a low seismic hazard at the moment 

A lot of the quakes were small enough that they probably would not have been felt if they happened here on Earth.

The Verge cites Philippe Lognonné, the principal investigator for one of the lander’s instruments, who stated the following: “Mars is a place where we can probably say the seismic hazard is extremely low. At least at this time.”

The paper mentioned more quakes, and 24 of them reached a magnitude of 3 or 4, and on Earth, these might have been powerful enough to be felt just as a rumble of the gound.

The difference is that on our planet, quakes happen closer to the surface, but on the Red Plant some quakes have been detected to originate deeper in the planet at about 30 to 50 km. Also, it’s worth noting that the deeper the quake, the less shaking is felt on the surface.

What’s causing the quakes on Mars? 

“The general cause of marsquakes is the long-term cooling of the planet,” Bruce Banerdt, InSight principal investigator, stated.

Experts might not know what exactly drives each quake, but they measured them.

Mars was recently in the spotlight again when we reported that life on the Red Planet might be buried deep inside. 

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