Massive Solar Storm Could Hit and Affect Our Planet

Solar storms are happening when the radiation from the Sun is expanding and hitting the atmosphere. This kind of phenomenon is causing a lot of damage to our space technology, such as satellite signals, GPS, Internet service, and mobile phone signal. But a new massive solar storm might hit and affect our planet.

And these are not the only things that could happen if a solar storm is hitting Earth. Our planet’s magnetic field will send a wave of electricity into our power stations and electrical transformers. A new study is revealing that we could have solar storms at any time.

Back in 1859, a powerful solar storm hit Earth and the electricity around Europe, causing the telegraph system to shut down. The even from 1859 is also called the Carrington event. From then, a lot of years have passed, and the history has something to show.

A Massive Solar Storm Could Hit and Affect Our Planet’s Technology

A new study is saying otherwise. The researchers are saying that we could have these kinds of solar storms a distance of 25 years apart.

Moreover, the team of researchers has used the solar cycles from the last 150 years to see and analyze the data they could found out. There are 14 solar cycles from which we have super-storms happened in six years from 150 years, and severe solar storm in 42 from 150 years. The last well known solar storms occurred in 1989 hitting Quebec, and in 2012 when it missed our planet.

Besides this, Sandra Chapman, who works as a professor at the University of Warwick’s Center for Fusion Space and Astrophysics, says that the super-storms are a rare phenomenon. Still, even so, they must prevent and protect the Earth. So the scientists aren’t relining only on theories and statistics, because the storm can come any time, without warning.

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