Methane Gas Emissions Could Be More Intense Than Previously Thought

A new study argues that greenhouse gas emissions from methane, which are generated during natural gas production and agricultural processes, could be up to 40% bigger than it was previously thought.

The fact is quite essential since methane can trap a higher amount of heat in comparison to carbon dioxide, a trait that makes it a formidable threat against the progress needed to combat the dire effects of global warming. Samples of air recovered from ice sheets located in Greenland have shown that the concentration of methane found in the atmosphere used to be quite low.

It is well-known that human activity is the primary player responsible for the release of the gas into the atmosphere. An impressive amount of methane is released by farm animals, with cows being the primary culprit. Since the population continues to grow, and the demand increases, more farms are built to satisfy the needs.

Scientists believe that methane gas emissions are higher than initially thought

A different team of researchers elaborated on a paper that proposes an interesting solution that could be applied to mitigate the amount of methane that can be found in the atmosphere. The team argues that we should develop a series of systems that capture several billion tons of methane.

Such a strategy will lead to a reduction related to short-term warming at a quick pace. It will also offer more time to explore the issues created by carbon dioxide emissions and to develop efficient strategies that could be used to minimize its influence over climate. At the same time, the idea has been presented before the team has also found a method that could be implemented practically.

By removing the target amount of methane from the atmosphere, it is theorized that one-sixth of the total warming produced by greenhouse gases would be reversed. Captured methane could also be stored and used to manufacture select products. Both studies have been published in scientific journals.

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