Mind-Blowing Galaxy From The Beginning Of The Universe Is Unveiled [Video]

It’s been just revealed that the early universe is filled with all kinds of “monsters,” as Science Daily calls these structures. Christina Williams reported unveiled a previously invisible galaxy, and the chances are that there’s a whole population of galaxies that are waiting to be revealed.

Astronomers have reportedly discovered the footprints of a huge galaxy by accident in the early universe that has not been seen before.

The scientific community usually talked about these galaxies as they were part of the folklore, and this is because there was no evidence to support their existence.

Astronomers take a photo of a monster galaxy from the dawn of the universe 

But now, things have changed as the experts from the US and Australia managed to take a photo of the beast or monster mentioned above for the very first time.

This photo was published yesterday, October 22nd in the Astrophysical Journal.

It’s important to mention the fact that this discovery provides new insights into the first expanding steps of some of the biggest galaxies in the universe.

Christina Williams, whom we mentioned at the beginning of our article, is an astronomer at the University of Arizona and also the lead author of this exciting study.

She first noticed a faint light blob with the help of a collection of 66 radio telescopes high in the Chilean mountains.

A view of the universe’s infancy 

“It was very mysterious because the light seemed not to be linked to any known galaxy at all,” stated Williams, as reported by the online publicaiton mentioned above.

She continued and explained that “When I saw this galaxy was invisible at any other wavelength, I got really excited because it meant that it was probably really far away and hidden by clouds of dust.”

It’s also extremely important to mention the fact that researchers have estimated the fact that this signal came from really far away, so far that it required 12.5 billion years to reach our planet – this means that we got a view of the universe’s dawn.

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