Mind-Blowing Game-Changer Revealed In NASA’s Plans To Colonize Space

NASA experts seem to have a really weird plan regarding the Moon. The space agency plans to build a Moon base and more structures,, but the really strange thing is that they want to grow them onsite out of living mushrooms.

Futurism revealed that the space agency had first considered the possibility of fungal space habitats back in 2018, but now it’s been reported that they are conducting tests in order to determine how well mycelia fungus can grow in Martian soil.

A game-changer in NASA’s place to colonize space 

Space.com reported that if the research pans out, it would allow future astronauts to construct off-world settlements without having to carry costly and heavy building materials from Earth all the way to space. This is definitely a game-changer in NASA’s plan to colonize space.

The online publication mentioned above notes that the whole idea is to ship dormant fungus to a Moon base, and after it arrives, to give it water and the ideal conditions in order to trigger growth says a NASA official press release.

“Creating a livable home for future astronauts means doing more than growing a roof to go over their heads. Astronauts will need to have all their basic needs met, just like on Earth, and face the additional challenges of living in a harsh environment on a distant world,” according to official notes.

Green and sustainable solutions in space 

NASA continues and explains that “The harsh environments of the Moon and Mars will require new ways of living – growing homes instead of building them, mining minerals from sewage instead of rock.”

According to the space agency, by turning to the “elegant systems of our own natural world,” it’s possible to design solutions that are green and sustainable.

The conclusion is this: “fungi could be what brings us boldly into the future.”

We recommend that you also check out the video to find out more details on NASA’s plans.

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