Mind-Blowing NASA Photo Shows Something Running Across Jupiter

Jupiter was in the spotlight not too long ago when it’s been revealed that there have been discovered new clues about water on the planet.

Experts have been eager to learn more about the abundance of water in Jupiter’s atmosphere and NASA’s Juno Spacecraft if about to give experts some interesting answers. We recommend that you check out one of our previous articles in order to learn the complete details.

New amazing photo of Jupiter shows strange new elements 

NASA makes universe enthusiasts excited with a new mind-blowing photo that the Juno spacecraft took of Jupiter’s northern regions during a flyby from back in February.

According to the latest info coming from Futurism online publication, the image has been taken from 15,610 miles away from the gas giant. This distance is about twice the diameter of our Earth and this makes it the equivalent of a close-up shot of the planet.

The online publication mentioned above notes that this jaw-dropping image shows “thin bands” that run from top to bottom. It seems that these are layers of “haze particles” that are drifting underneath a cloud cover.

It’s also been reported that it’s not exactly sure what they are or how they are formed.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory noted that the jet streams on the other side of these hazy bads might have something to do with this strange phenomenon.

Credit: Futurism

Back in 2017, NASA experts figured out that the east-west jet streams on Jupiter tend to reverse course on a predictable schedule.

Here, on our planet, such jet streams are shifted by the changing temperatures. Warm temperature is forcing the jet streams to flow eastwards and the cooler ones are forcing them westwards.

“On Jupiter, a similar cycle takes about four Earth years and is mostly caused by gravity waves,” Futurism says.

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