Mind-Blowing Species Of Bone-Eating Worm, Discovered

It’s been just reported that experts managed to discover a new bone0eating worm species that was crawling on the carcass of an alligator, which was lying under the Gulf Of Mexico.

Experts were there in order to investigate the deep ecosystem of the ocean. The worm has not been named yet and this is the very first of its kind located in the Gulf of Mexico.

The worm consumed soft tissue in 51 days 

The worm reportedly managed to consume the soft tissue within 51 days.

CNN wrote that this intriguing study was published in the science journal PLOS ONE back in December.

This study was conducted by researchers from the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium.

Experts were trying to investigate ocean carbon supply, and they were hoping to find out how the deep sea could support such huge respiration rates of deep-sea benthos without sunlight. This is the community of organisms that lives on the floor of the ocean.

Back at the beginning of last year, experts placed three alligators under the northern Gulf of Mexico. These were placed at about 2 km or 1.2 miles. Just in two days, scavengers which include giant isopods began crawling on the corpses and consumed the flesh.

The new type of worm formed massive patches on the bones 

In the report, experts said that they also noticed a new kind of worm that was “forming dense patches across the alligator bones, particularly the vertebral column.”

The study reveals that the deep-sea creature belongs to the Osedax family, which is a genus of deep-sea bone worms.
The new species native to the Gulf of Mexico still has to receive a name.
Experts continued and explained that “The clade to which the new species belongs is widely distributed from California to Japan to Antarctica, and there is presently no obvious biogeographic pattern to its discovery in the Gulf of Mexico.”

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