Modern Humans Vs Neanderthals — The Differences Are Shrinking

Out there in space, astronomers try to find out how did Earth come up to be this habitable place. Down here, anthropologist tries to make light in how did we become these skillful human beings. But things don’t always add up. Conscience’s history doesn’t reveal itself quickly.

A new Neanderthal migration wave was discovered. It appears they also lived in Chagyrskaya Cave in southern Siberia around 54,000 years ago. It is a rare example of long-distance migration by Paleolithic people. First, Homo Neanderthalensis fossils were discovered in western Europe in the mid-nineteenth century.

The discovery proves that our ancestors left their homeland and probably headed North and East around the Caspian Sea, enduring the asperities of the cold, dry, and treeless environment. They survived by hunting bison and horses.

The Differences Between Modern Humans And Neanderthals Are Shrinking

It is an intercontinental journey of thousands of kilometers. The Neanderthals ventured beyond Europe and western Asia, reaching at least as far east as the Altai Mountains. At that point in human evolution, that looks like a miracle. Together with the artifacts discovered on sites (jewelry, tools, and also structures) are proofs that Neanderthals were creative and intelligent people who were skilled survivors.

The discoveries make the Neanderthals more like us. Not just by the DNA of all living people of Eurasian descent, but by the point in the evolution of consciousness they were at. The only unrevealed thing yet, is the Neanderthal’s extinction across Eurasia, around 40,000 years ago. This new revelation makes it even more of a mystery.

On the way to understanding and knowledge, there is always a moment where things don’t make sense, and one might feel like he’s on the wrong path. But one should know to be patient and hope that the next step will take him closer to revelation.

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