Mysterious Alien Object Entered Earth’s Orbit [Photo]

Experts are struggling to understand the nature of a mysterious alien object that has entered Earth’s orbit.

Astronomers released a new set of pics of an unidentified object that entered the planet’s orbit.

This UFO triggered massive excitement during the past week when it was revealed that it was considered to be classed as a new minimoon after it arrived in our planet’s orbit.

The nature of the mystery object is still unknown 

Experts believe that it’s too soon to say for sure what exactly the mystery object is and what research is necessary.

There are also some astronomers who believe that the UFO is an artificial object. Other experts believe that the anomaly could be an old satellite or just some space debris.

Grigori Fedorets, the lead astronomer for the observations, said in a statement: “Either way, this is a very compelling object and needs more data to determine what it is.”

The object was officially dubbed 2020 CD3

Earlier during the past week, the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center revealed the mystery object had been officially dubbed 2020 CD3.

Experts speculated that the object was a rocky asteroid that would make the object only the second natural satellite to be spotted around the Earth after the Moon.

The only similar object has been spotted back in 2006 and has since left the orbit around the Earth.

This newly-discovered satellite will also be leaving Earth’s orbit in the next few months.

This left astronomers rushing to obtain images of the object and understand its origin as well.

The Gemini Observatory was responsible for the new images.

It’s been also revealed that Dr. John Blakeslee, head of science at Gemini, said: “Obtaining the images was a scramble for the Gemini team because the object is quickly becoming fainter as it moves away from Earth.

“It is expected to be ejected from Earth’s orbit altogether in April.”

You can see the object glowing at the center.

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