Mysterious New Virus In China Is Linked To A Seafood Market

During the past week, we reported that there’s a new virus freaking people out in China.

It’s been revealed that a mysterious form of pneumonia has been sickening people in China these days.

Gizmodo revealed that one of the only things that officials know for sure is the fact that this is not caused by the SARS virus. The symptomatology included fever and sometimes also breathing problems.

Now South China Morning Post is here with more details on the matter.

The virus is linked to a seafood market 

It seems that the virus is linked to a single seafood market in the central city of Wuhan and has not spread beyond that location so far, according to the latest info revealed by the World Health Organization.

The WHO revealed that the virus did not spread more and the seafood market in Wuhan which is an important domestic and international transport hub is closed at the moment. No other cases have been reported anywhere else in China or the world.

“The evidence is highly suggestive that the outbreak is associated with exposures in one seafood market in Wuhan,” the WHO statement said.

The official notes added that the market was closed on January 1. “At this stage, there is no infection among health care workers, and no clear evidence of human to human transmission.”

One person infected with the virus dies last week 

There have been 41 people infected with the new viral pneumonia, and it seems that one of them – a 61-year-old man who had some severe underlying conditions dies during the course of last week.

Seven other patients are in critical condition. It’s also important to mention that the WHO said that preliminary epidemiological investigations showed that most of the cases were found in people who either worked at the market or went there often.

The investigation continues, and we’ll keep you posted with the latest news on the subject.

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