Mysterious Virus Emerges In China – Here Are The Symptoms

It’s been just revealed that there’s a mysterious form of pneumonia that’s sickening people in China these days.

Gizmodo revealed that one of the only things that officials know for sure is the fact that this is not caused by the SARS virus.

Health officials revealed the past Sunday that 59 people have been diagnosed with the mysterious illness as of January 5.

It’s been also reported that all the known causes seem to come from Wuhan, Hubei province capital.


The symptoms reportedly include fever and some breathing problems in a few of the cases as well.

In the case of a few patients, there were also discovered lung infections, and at least seven people are currently in critical condition at the time, according to the latest info coming from Gizmodo.

The culprit is a virus, but on the other hand, doctors ruled out suspects that are usually causing respiratory issues such as adenovirus and a strain of influenza.

The online publication mentioned above also noted that experts ruled out the possibility that this is a re-emergence of SARS.

Just to refresh your memory, “The SARS virus was first discovered during a 2002 outbreak that sickened over 8,000 people and killed more than 700 people, predominantly in China and Hong Kong,” as Gizmodo notes.

Middle East respiratory syndrome and bird flu were ruled out 

Experts also ruled out the probability that this is caused by bird flu or Middle East respiratory syndrome.

“I have to emphasize this is a new disease, and no one on earth has gone through this before,” Leo Poon, a public health expert at the University of Hong Kong, told The New York Times.

You should head over to the original article in order to read more details on the issue.

It’s been also revealed that the illness does not spread from one person to another easily.

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