NASA And ESA Work On An Unprecedented Event In The History Of Space Exploration

Getting samples from Mars is one of the main missions that we have for the future. For decades now, experts have analyzed the composition of Martian rocks and soil by either sending rovers to the surface of the Red Planet or analyzing meteorites that come from Mars.

UniverseToday brings up the mission called Perseverance, which is equipped with a cache instrument, and they also note the fact that it won’t be too long before Martian rocks are brought back to our planet for study.

You may recall that Apollo astronauts brought back Moon rocks, which revealed the water existence and various similarities to our planet.

Bringing Martian rocks to Earth 

The very same way, Martian rocks could be revealing a lot about the formation and evolution of the Red Planet.

The main question is what kind of rocks should be returned home – this seems to be the question of the Mars Sample Return campaign that they are considering ahead of Perseverance’s launch.

The event is scheduled for July of this year, barring any delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The online publication mentioned above also highlights the fact that Perseverance is a mission overseen by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), but “the sample return campaign includes all twenty-two ESA member states, who agreed to finance the campaign last year during the Space19+ Ministerial Council in Seville, Spain.”

This sample-return mission will be an unprecedented event in the history of space expiration. This mission involves a 53 million km trip, collecting samples, and also launching a return vehicle that should bring these samples back home.

It’s been revealed that this mission will span a decade and involve four launches, and the last one will be from another planet.

Check out the original article in order to learn more about the exciting mission.

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