NASA and its Partners Reached Major Artemis Milestone


NASA’s HLS (Human Landing System) Program succeeded in reaching a major milestone in its progress toward sending for the first time a woman and a man on the Moon by 2024. 

Three other US companies joined their forces with NASA and began what it seems to be the most daring project. Their recent success makes them now closer to their goal.

Here is what you need to know.

The Artemis Program: What’s New

NASA teamed up with SpaceX, the Blue Origin-led team, and Dynetics to better comprehend their human landing system concepts for the agency’s Artemis program. They also developed some CRBs (Certification Baseline Reviews).

The main goal of the CRBs was to complete the performance and functional specifications for the agencies’ landing system concepts, establish the baseline designs, confirm the criteria to be enabled to lander development, management plans for HLS contract execution, and human spaceflight certification. 

During the CBR meetings, NASA analyzed how each part has been progressing with the design of their landing system. Together, it confirmed the results of an intense adjudication process that established safety, design, construction, medical and health standards for every submitted landing system. 

The partners also came up with testing and development schedules, offered plans for safety and mission assurance, validation, verification, and certification.

Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan, the HLS manager at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, released a statement. She said: 

“Within one year, we were able to select three very different design solutions to accomplish the bold and challenging objective of sending astronauts to the lunar South Pole.” 

Next Stage

NASA is currently running an active federal procurement for the next stage of HLS development, named Option A, to decide which design will be chosen to follow development to flight.

Only the three HLS base period companies, having achieved CBR, are qualified offerors for Option A. 


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