NASA Breakthrough: New Type Of Planets With Cotton Candy Density, Revealed

NASA was recently in the spotlight in relation to a Mars discovery.

Not too long ago, it’s been revealed that there’s a new map of the Red Planet which has just been released, and it shows that there’s ice on the planet that’s only a few inches deep in some places.

A new class of planets was discovered 

Using data from NASA’s Hubble Telescope, astronomers have confirmed a new class of planets that have a cotton candy density. Due to their hydrogen-helium atmospheres which are ballooning out, the planets are almost as big as Jupiter, but they have 100 times less mass, according to info coming from

This is also the reason for which experts call this type of planets “super puffs,” as funny as this may sound.

Until not too long ago, it’s been also revealed that astronomers had known about three types of planets that we are seeing in the solar system: gas giants such as Jupiter, ice giants such as Neptune and terrestrial planets such as our own Earth.

Now, NASA confirmed that there are three exoplanets that fall into the new super-puff grouping. It’s been also revealed that these planets are circling a sun-like star that is located about 2,600 light-years away.

Clouds are preventing experts from learning more about the planets 

The mass and size of the planets have been revealed by Hubble, but there are thick clouds that prevented experts from learning more detail about the super-puffs’ chemistry.

These findings have been detailed in a new study set to appear in The Astronomical Journal.

“They’re very bizarre,” Jessica Libby-Roberts, leader of the research, said in a press release.

She continued and explained that “When you picture a Jupiter-sized ball of cotton candy—that’s really low density.”

It’s been also revealed that nobody knows the reason for which the planets’ lightweight atmospheres are so bloated.

We recommend that you head over to the original study in order to find out more details on these planets.

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