NASA Discovery: ISS Captures Mysterious Soundwaves, Triggers UFO/New Space Tech Rumours

There’s a really strange image that has been captured by NASA’s cameras. The ISS triggered a ton of speculation after the latest discovery – strange soundwaves which seemed produced by a spacecraft.

NASA released the photos of strange soundwaves moving across the Earth at high-velocity speeds, according to the latest reports coming from

It’s been reported that some hi-tech cameras at the ISS have captured this mysterious phenomenon just above the Atlantic ocean. These strange images managed to trigger massive speculations regarding the origins.

The photos are showing a strange cloud pattern that seems to have been produced by some UFO or a “secret sonic weapon” says the online publication mentioned above.

These ripples in the clouds are entending for miles from space.

Potential explanations – speculations 

The images have been spotted on the NASA website by Blake and Brett Cousins. Just in case you don’t know, these two are running the conspiracy theorist YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon.

They said that “whatever it is, it is massive”.

Blake and Brett Cousins speculated that it could be a “craft zipping through the clouds” or soundwaves coming from a “secret sonic weapon”.

Blake Cousins also said this: “What’s amazing to me is that NASA and the ISS were in the exact spot at the right time to capture this, I think this was an experiment.”

They also claimed that these pics reveal that NASA has been working on “new space technology”.

Health issues in astronauts 

In other NASA-related news, it’s been revealed that astronauts have some pretty severe health issues.

After conducting a series of analyses, NASA has observed that astronomers are prone to develop some peculiar effects during spaceflight.

The astronomers subjected to the analysis showed that their blood is going backwards in their veins, and others suffered from blood clotting, as we reported in one of our previous articles.

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