NASA Encountered Unexpected Creature Below Ice

Scientists from NASA were stunned to capture footage of an unexpected creature 600 feet below the ice in Antarctica. The exploration of the frozen continent can provide more understanding about the history of Earth, and around 1,000 researchers are facing the dreadful cold temperatures just for the sake of knowledge and science.

NASA also has scientific operations unfolding in Antarctica, believing that new findings of the continent may help in understanding more about space exploration.

Lyssianasid amphipod was found in the depths of ice

Scientists from NASA pushed a camera 600 feet below the West Antarctica Ice Sheet, and they spotted a little creature dancing around, which turned out to be a lyssianasid amphipod.

Bob Bindschadler of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre declared:

“We were like little kids huddling around, just oohing and aahing at this little creature swimming around and giving us a little show.

“It was the thrill of discovery that made us giddy, just totally unexpected.

“We thought we were just going into a deep, dark cold water hole and never anticipated we’d see any life.

“The colour was what caught our eyes.”

The rig needed for the exploration was created by NASA

Dr Alberto Behar was the mastermind of the camera, and he declared: “We wouldn’t be able to use it in the places we’ve gone without collaboration with the National Science Foundation and our British and Australian partners, among many others.

“When we get to Pine Island we’ll be able to look at the seafloor.

“We couldn’t do it this time because the cavity was deeper than we expected, but we’ll have a kilometre of cable at Pine Island.”

Let’s hope the scenario with NASA encountering unexpected creatures below ice surfaces will repeat itself, but at a much bigger scale: on other planets. Maybe such event will occur in the near future on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. It has ice on the surface, and who knows what creatures could be dwelling beneath.

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