NASA Goes Back To Mars With New Rover – Blast Off Is Less Than Two Months Away

NASA plans to go back to the Red Planet with a brand new rover in order to search for signs of past life.

This new mission to Mars is reportedly NASA’s most ambitious one so far. The agency’s goal is to land a new vehicle – a high tech rover to search for signs of ancient life there and eventually find evidence and bring it back to our planet.

For decades now, unmanned spacecraft have been exploring and photographing Mars for decades now but no one’s ever discovered clear signs of life there or anywhere else in the universe according to the latest reports coming from CBS News.

NASA experts believe that they have found the perfect place to check out for past life on the Red Planet.

The whole coronavirus global crisis could have derailed the whole mission but the launch is still on schedule now. It’s been revealed that bast off is less than two months away and given all that’s been happening so far, the new rover name is Perseverance.

The journey will last 7 months 

The journey will be seven months and the journey is one of hundreds of millions of miles. Today, the surface of the Red Planet is a desert filled with radiation and it’s freezing – minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The publication mentioned above notes that “There are windswept sand dunes and outcroppings of rock that could easily be mistaken for parts of Arizona. Some of those rocks hold clues that suggest Mars may have been a lot like Earth billions of years ago, with lakes and rivers of water and the building blocks of life.”

It’s also important to note that Perseverance is the very first astrobiology mission to the Red Planet. There are four previous rovers that have paved the way for this important mission.

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