NASA Intends to Carry Out a Mission to an Asteroid Filled With Precious Metals and Perhaps Mine it

Some recent reports have suggested that the American space agency NASA would be getting engaged in asteroid mining. This is a process of discovering and unearthing valuable materials from space rocks like asteroids.

At the beginning of this year, numerous global media sources claimed that the space agency was at the moment monitoring a nearby asteroid that was made out of sufficient gold to make everyone on our planet a billionaire. The space rock is known as Psyche 16, and it is currently located in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. The asteroid is allegedly made of solid metal.

The space object comprises a number of various valuable metals besides gold, including massive amounts of platinum, iron, and nickel. If all the valuable materials on the asteroid were to be mined and totaled, specialists suggest the total value of Psyche 16 would be around $10,000 quadrillion.

Asteroid Mining Could be Beneficial

Specialists imply that if all of these materials were brought to Earth, it would trigger a massive crash in commodity prices and devastate the world’s economy, which is not worth the value of the space rock, but about $75.5 trillion.

Still, NASA keeps insisting that the expedition planned for the asteroid is only a scientific one and that there will be no mining involved in their missions. However, asteroid ownership and mining were legalized in 2015, and the company is already rushing to cash in one of the new reserves of minerals.

There are allegedly numerous interesting elements in asteroid mining, more so the probable environmental benefits. Mining for minerals on our planet can end up being an issue because it obliges a lot of people off of their ancestral lands, pollutes the atmosphere, and also damages the local ecosystem.

Moreover, an extra source of minerals could lead to more wealth for people on Earth, but it is, definitely and unfortunately, more probable that the company will monopolize the industry and hold on that wealth.

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