NASA Makes A Difficult Decision Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s been just revealed that NASA is weighing the risk for various science missions amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

A lot of NASA centers are switching to mandatory telework these days in order to confront the speak of the coronavirus. As you know by now, the COVID-19 is spreading around the world with incredible speed with the US and Europe being the most affected areas these days,

NASA leadership just acknowledged that prized science missions might be suffering delays, and the space agency was prepared to make a trade in order to make sure that employees are kept safe.

Work at the James Webb Space Telescope is put on hold 

Among the missions that are affected, there’s the James Webb Space Telescope where work has been put on hold these days. revealed that questions about the NASA response to the pandemic were the ones that reigned during a Science Mission Directorate digital town hall held during the past Friday.

The event was arranged in order to allow Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen and a few division leaders to summarize and address questions about President Donald Trump’s budget request for the 2021 fiscal year, which begins on October 1.

It’s been revealed that the discussion took second place on the agenda.

“What we’re going to do in this call is use what I call the elephant principle: If there’s an elephant in the room, we’ll talk about it,” Zurbuchen stated.

He continued and said that “We’re going to talk about COVID activities and how it affects us here in science. And then, as we do all day, we will go back to business.”

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NASA’s Curiosity rover found exciting evidence on Mars

In other news, the search for alien life on Mars has been going on despite the global crisis that we’re having here on Earth. This quest also seems to have taken a new interesting twist lately.

Experts who are analyzing the data that’s sent back by the NASA Curiosity rover have found evidence that there are some organic molecules called thiophenes which on Earth are a result of various biological processes.

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