NASA Plans to Hire Someone to Lead a Sample-Collecting Mars Mission

NASA intends to bring samples from the Red Planet back to Earth. The space agency is currently looking for someone capable of enrolling in such a mission. The Mars Sample Return project, also known as MSR, is scheduled to take place approximately in a decade. It has the goal of gathering samples from Mars’ rocks, atmosphere, and soil for tests and other analyses.

NASA to Launch a Daring Request

NASA sent many rovers to Mars before, but no project or other device has been able to return with samples. The plans for such a mission started a few years ago in collaboration with the ESA. Now that they got closer to their goal, they need a director. The job for such a position was made public on the US government’s job website, and it offers up to $188,066/ year.

The person who will get the job will be responsible for managing the full project, from the first phases of mission development, through design and construction, everything to the final liftoff and mission.

Moreover, the ones interested in such an offer need to have and prove their experience with spaceflight projects. They also must have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate scientific field. The job is based in Washington, DC, and the applications will close next month on February 5. Everyone should consider that the opportunity is going to be one-of-a-kind, and NASA could come as a great challenge to work.

A Sample-Collecting Mars Mission

NASA has launched four rovers to Mars before, which are packed with advanced tools that can examine the planet’s atmosphere, soil, climate, and much more. The rovers, however, successfully brought a lot of information and pictures from Mars, which supported scientists in their projects, but that wall they could have done.

By returning to Earth with enough samples, NASA will undergo further tests and analyses. The MSR mission is made of three separate launches, the sample gathering, retrieval, and return home.

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