NASA Plans to Hunt For Ancient Martian Fossils With its Mars 2020 Rover

NASA’s plans are full of surprises and tasks. The latest news that we have from NASA is about its robotic rover that has to complete an impressive journey in 2020. The mission of the rover will be around Mars, and its task is to search and gattered evidence of ancient life on the planet. After all, this job will complete, and more proof will exist, NASA will send humans in the deeps of the space.

This Friday, the American Space Agency has shown the Mars 2020 rover to the public. The rover doesn’t have a name yet; NASA will choose it in 2020, and in February, they will send the rover to the Kennedy Space Center from Florida. At the Kennedy Space Center, the rover is practically assembled to be ready until July.

If the plans are going like the Space Agency is hopping, then in July, the rover will be launch and sent to a dry lake from Mars. The scientists have measured the dry lake, and it’s more significant than the island of Manhattan in size.

NASA to look for Martian fossils with the Mars 2020 rover

NASA is saying that the dry lake from Mars is a 250 meter-deep crater that could be full of sediments and ancient fossils. The scientists are looking for some specific levels of chemicals found on Mars from billions of years ago. After the rover will complete its task and gather samples from thirty soil samples, it will come back home for future examination of the items.

Finally, if the rover Mars 2020 mission will work out properly, and the samples gathered will be enough, NASA will plan another mission. The next one will start in 2026, and it will include a rocket that should collect the sample directly from the surface of the planet. Everything that the research will find will bring an essential contribution to humans and knowledge.

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