NASA Plans to Keep Collaborating With SpaceX for its Mars Missions

This year stamped the successful launch of American astronauts into space from US soil, thanks to the partnership between NASA and SpaceX. The collaboration seems to continue well between the two space agencies as Elon Musk‘s company may also take part in the forthcoming mission to Mars, which is scheduled to take place by the year 2030.

In a Reddit ‘Ask me anything,’ Dr. Zubrin, the founder of the Mars Society, which is also Elon Musk’s mentor, said that the collaboration between the two agencies would span up to the Mars project.

When a Reddit user asked Dr. Zubrin when he believes the first humans will land on the Red Planet, he responded: “Before 2030. SpaceX will do it, with NASA collaborating. If Starship is flying regularly to LEO (Low Earth Orbit) by 2024, the next president will ask his or her advisors, ‘Can we get to Mars before the end of my second term?’ The answer will be ‘yes,’ so then it will happen. By making the mission practical, SpaceX will make it sellable.”

The Plan is to Colonize Mars

Dr. Zubrin also said that he wants to inspire others to support the vision of colonizing Mars. When this aim is accomplished, Dr. Zubrin explained that the following step would be taken towards ‘developing’ the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter.
To achieve the goals of getting and colonizing Mars, it might use SpaceX’s Starship, which may be a completely reusable vehicle by then.

Previously, NASA has also made some changes to its contract of collaboration with SpaceX. NASA revealed that Elon Musk’s space company is now allowed to ship its astronauts through reused rockets, which was something the American space agency was completely against.

The changes made to the contract also mean an expansion of the Demo-2 flight, which was only scheduled for two weeks. For now, this means that astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, who were successfully transported to the ISS in May, may stay at the orbiting lab a bit longer.

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