NASA – Powered Mars Mission Is In Danger!

In a chain of meetings, officials from NASA published budget plans for the following year. Unfortunately, the news aren’t too good as there is a chance that the Odyssey orbiter mission will be suspended, and the activity of the Curiosity rover and afferent mission will be affected.

Dr. Lori Glaze, director of NASA’s planetary science division, stated that only a limited number of missions would be labeled as “highest priority.”

Official Status

NASA’s website clarified the objective of the Perseverence rover: “The Perseverance rover will seek signs of ancient life and collect rock and soil samples for a possible return to Earth.”

Dr. Glaze said that NASA is “going to ensure” that they will meet the launch window in July.

“As of right now, and even if we go to the next stage of alert, Mars 2020 is moving forward on schedule, and everything is, so far, very well on track,” Glaze added.

Concerns and modifications appeared as a consequence of the rise of the budget proposal by 21.4% than the initial prediction set in 2017.

Mars Exploration

“The FY20 budget appropriation, though very favorable for us, was significantly overstressed supporting some problem resolution that we had in multiple areas on the 2020 mission,” said Jim Watzin, director of Mars exploration.

Watzin added that all elements of the program were tapped to support the resolution of the problem.

He stated that NASA made the right choice to decrease support for the Mars Express orbiter mission of the European Space Agency. It is believed that the review of the mission provoked poor results.

NASA’s designated budget was in a continuous downhill trend for the past three decades, and President Donald Trump even said that the agency should stop their plans of further lunar exploration.

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